Donation Policy

Users may support the server by donating at the website, and You may donate from the server out of Your own free will. Those who donate (“donors”) must review and understand the Purchase Policy and Purchase Agreement. Electing to make a donation, and accepting the terms of your Donations and Order,

You understand that ExtremeRO Donation Tickets and Cash Shop Items are virtual currencies and products and YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE NO MONETARY VALUE AND CANNOT BE REDEEMED FOR MONEY, GOODS, OR OTHER ITEMS OF MONETARY VALUE.

Refund Policy

All Donation fees are payable in advance, and are not refundable in whole or in part. As downloadable services or products (such as ExtremeRO tickets or items) are deemed used promptly upon completion of the donation transaction, the Server will not process chargebacks for any reason.


5 Donation Tickets : 1 USD (50Php)

Way's to Donate